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Feline Collection


A woman builds her power in the details

It’s not in her wealth. It is not her status, her IQ, her career, her aesthetic beauty. A woman’s power is not something she is given, it is something she gives herself. She chooses to step into it.


Just to slip in to one of Ame Nue’s intimates is transformative. A woman feels elegant, beautiful, she stands taller, she walks with confidence, grace.


We wear Ame Nue intimates for ourselves. And we don’t keep them in a drawer for a special occasion, because women become so good at putting themselves last — we want them to fill their own cup, to not negotiate on their own self care, their own worth, their own sense of beauty.


We both had daughters, and we knew we needed to model that kind of womanhood, and to pass it on to our girls. So we created Ame Nue Intimates, luxury lingerie, sleep and resort wear. 


Dedicated to the women who came before us, and the women who will come after. We owe it to them. We owe it to ourselves. 

"Choose the special things"

Âme Nue Intimates are so well made, and the fabrics are very luxurious.  I got the 'Sia', which is divine and I feel like a million bucks when I have it on.  Even when I'm not wearing it, I hang it up on the outside of my closet, and it reminds me each day to choose the special things.

Michelle Edwards

"Nailed my #Self-Care"

I'm loving my polka dot set so much.  The fabric feels absolutely silky and paired  with my silk pillowcase and eye mask, I think I've nailed my #self-care and even better, I'm supporting a local, Australian made gorgeous brand! Yay! Will look forward to my next exquisite purchase! Xx

Heather Roman


Looking back on our "Naked Soul" collection . It was so whimsical and dreamy. Sigh....

Gift card

Looking for something for someone special? A gift card to our store is the perfect idea!